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Baudelaire, Charles autographBaudelaire, Charles autograph
Baudelaire, Charles
Sale priceSFr.6.500,00 Regular priceSFr.8.215,00
Jefferson, Thomas autographJefferson, Thomas autograph
Jefferson, Thomas
Sale priceSFr.3.500,00 Regular priceSFr.4.750,00
Lawrence, D. H. autographLawrence, D. H. autograph
Lawrence, D. H.
Sale priceSFr.2.999,00 Regular priceSFr.3.230,00
Rivera, Diego autographRivera, Diego autograph
Rivera, Diego
Sale priceSFr.2.899,00 Regular priceSFr.4.846,00
Klee, Paul autographKlee, Paul autograph
Klee, Paul
Sale priceSFr.1.999,00 Regular priceSFr.2.950,00
Li Peng autographLi Peng autograph
Li Peng
Sale priceSFr.1.950,00 Regular priceSFr.2.350,00
Eisenhower, Dwight D autographEisenhower, Dwight D autograph
Eisenhower, Dwight D
Sale priceSFr.1.499,00 Regular priceSFr.2.031,00
Richards, Theodor William autographRichards, Theodor William autograph
Richards, Theodor William
Sale priceSFr.899,00 Regular priceSFr.1.015,00
Ludwig I of Bavaria autographLudwig I of Bavaria autograph
Ludwig I of Bavaria
Sale priceSFr.899,00 Regular priceSFr.1.015,00
Diels, Otto autograph
Diels, Otto
Sale priceSFr.699,00 Regular priceSFr.850,00
Morgan, Thomas Hunt autographMorgan, Thomas Hunt autograph
Morgan, Thomas Hunt
Sale priceSFr.699,00 Regular priceSFr.1.000,00
von Baeyer, Adolf autograph
von Baeyer, Adolf
Sale priceSFr.649,00 Regular priceSFr.1.500,00
Wilson, Woodrow autographWilson, Woodrow autograph
Wilson, Woodrow
Sale priceSFr.599,00 Regular priceSFr.692,00
Volkhovsky, Feliks autograph
Volkhovsky, Feliks
Sale priceSFr.599,00 Regular priceSFr.1.250,00
Gretchaninov, Alexander autograph
Gretchaninov, Alexander
Sale priceSFr.499,00 Regular priceSFr.600,00
Prince Karl Theodor of Bavaria autographPrince Karl Theodor of Bavaria autograph
Prince Karl Theodor of Bavaria
Sale priceSFr.499,00 Regular priceSFr.600,00
Müller, Paul Hermann autograph
Müller, Paul Hermann
Sale priceSFr.499,00 Regular priceSFr.600,00
Tom  Waits Autograph Autogramm | ID 7122798870677
Waits, Tom
Sale priceSFr.499,00 Regular priceSFr.540,00
Ostwald, Wilhelm autograph
Ostwald, Wilhelm
Sale priceSFr.499,00 Regular priceSFr.1.300,00
Sabatier, Paul autographSabatier, Paul autograph
Sabatier, Paul
Sale priceSFr.479,00 Regular priceSFr.549,00
Muller, Hermann Joseph autographMuller, Hermann Joseph autograph
Muller, Hermann Joseph
Sale priceSFr.459,00 Regular priceSFr.738,00
Beernaert, Auguste autographBeernaert, Auguste autograph
Beernaert, Auguste
Sale priceSFr.457,00 Regular priceSFr.550,00
Mukerji, Dhan Gopal autographMukerji, Dhan Gopal autograph
Mukerji, Dhan Gopal
Sale priceSFr.449,00 Regular priceSFr.623,00
Stark, Johannes autographStark, Johannes autograph
Stark, Johannes
Sale priceSFr.449,00 Regular priceSFr.508,00

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