Rihner Autograph collection

Alfred Rihner (1917) had been a passionate collector of autographs and autographs since the 1930s. Initially, he acquired some important original manuscripts from various dealers and markets in France and personally collected them at various events in Paris.

His father Friedrich Rihner (1890) was a divisional colonel and commander of the air force and thus had access to many politicians and personalities. The exciting anecdotes, such as the visit to Shah Pahlavi (whom he was not allowed to look in the eyes of during the visit) are unforgettable.

In addition to the numerous autographs collected personally, primarily in Switzerland, numerous early autographs were acquired via the Stargardt auction house and added to the collection. We hope you enjoy looking through one of the best-kept autograph collections and the life's work of a 50-year intensive passion for collecting.