How to make sure that you get notified as soon as your searched item becomes available in our shop:

If you don’t have an account yet, feel free to create one - it‘s free ;).

First login to your account.

autograph search agent - login

Then click on "My search requests" in the menu bar on the left side.

Manage your Notifications

If you want to add a new entry enter the persons name in the text box (2) and confirm with "Enter". You then see the term added below the text box.

In order to delete a search entry simply click on the x behind a search term (3).

Important: Equal whether your adding or removing search-terms always click on the save button (4) to save your changes.

What happens then?

You will receive an email as soon our app finds a new autographs matching at least one of your search terms.

Some examples and hints

Dont enter the Term autograph unless you want to get notified on all new items.

If you enter „Hepburn“ you get notified for new Hepburn items. If you look for a special person‘s autograph you might enter „Cathrin Hepburn“ to receive updates on Cathrin Hepburn autographs.

If you enter Jackson you receive updates on all person of those names contain the string „Jackson“. eg. Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Jackson 5 or Jackson Pollok.

The search notification currently only indices the title of an autograph. Later we plan to implement the indexation of the description that will also allow you to search after profession or things as epoche that might be a part of the items description.


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