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Marie Curie Autograph Autogramm | ID 8141791887509Marie Curie Autograph Autogramm | ID 8141791887509
Marie Curie Autograph
Sale price$5,218.74
Ayrton Senna Autograph Autogramm | ID 8130669412501Ayrton Senna Autograph Autogramm | ID 8130669412501
Ayrton Senna Autograph
Sale price$1,739.58
Albert Einstein Autograph Autogramm | ID 8096763805845Albert Einstein Autograph Autogramm | ID 8096763805845
Albert Einstein Autograph
Sale price$16,004.13
John F. Kennedy Autograph Autogramm | ID 8090270335125John F. Kennedy Autograph Autogramm | ID 8090270335125
John F. Kennedy Autograph
Sale price$3,421.17
Millard Fillmore Autograph Autogramm | ID 8090164822165Millard Fillmore Autograph Autogramm | ID 8090164822165
Millard Fillmore Autograph
Sale price$1,020.55
Boris Pasternak Autograph Autogramm | ID 8075134795925Boris Pasternak Autograph Autogramm | ID 8075134795925
Boris Pasternak Autograph
Sale price$1,739.58
 Apollo 11 Autograph Autogramm | ID 8066225832085 Apollo 11 Autograph Autogramm | ID 8066225832085
Apollo 11 Autographs
Sale price$2,899.30
Rosa Parks Autograph Autogramm | ID 8043828969621Rosa Parks Autograph Autogramm | ID 8043828969621
Rosa Parks Autograph
Sale price$985.76

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For more than 25 years, Markus Brandes Autographs has specialized in the purchase and sale of autographs as well as manuscripts and documents with original signatures. It is a real passion for us and we want to invite you to share that passion with us and own a part of history.

The original handwriting is the entry ticket for a journey through time. Whether simple lettering on a photograph or a historically significant document. Original autographs tell stories and connect you with your memories. We wish you a lot of fun exploring our brand new autograph store!

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