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Muhammad Ali Autograph Autogramm | ID 7175986577557 Muhammad Ali Autograph Autogramm | ID 7175986577557
Ali, Muhammad
Sale priceSFr.395
Max Schmeling Autograph Autogramm | ID 7175880802453
Schmeling, Max
Sale priceSFr.50
Luís  Figo Autograph Autogramm | ID 7175866646677
Figo, Luís
Sale priceSFr.100
Sigfried Held Autograph Autogramm | ID 7175794294933
Held, Siggi
Sale priceSFr.45
Wolfgang Overath Autograph Autogramm | ID 7175780106389
Overath, Wolfgang
Sale priceSFr.65
Sepp Herberger Autograph Autogramm | ID 7175764082837
Herberger, Sepp
Sale priceSFr.60
Kevin Keegan Autograph Autogramm | ID 7175751237781
Keegan, Kevin
Sale priceSFr.20
Gross, Michael
Gross, Michael
Sale priceSFr.20
George Harrison Autograph Autogramm | ID 7175186874517 George Harrison Autograph Autogramm | ID 7175186874517
Harrison, George
Sale priceSFr.1.950

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For more than 25 years, Markus Brandes Autographs has specialized in the purchase and sale of autographs as well as manuscripts and documents with original signatures. It is a real passion for us and we want to invite you to share that passion with us and own a part of history.

The original handwriting is the entry ticket for a journey through time. Whether simple lettering on a photograph or a historically significant document. Original autographs tell stories and connect you with your memories. We wish you a lot of fun exploring our brand new autograph store!

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