Autographs and autographs are for many people a valuable memory of their favorite stars or important personalities. But how can you make sure that an autograph or autographed document is really a genuine signature?

This is where certificates for autographs come into play. These certificates are issued by experts and confirm the authenticity of the signature. Various features such as the spelling, the color and type of pen, the paper or even the position of the signature are analyzed and compared.

Such a certificate can be of great value to the owner of the autograph or autograph, as it confirms the authenticity of the object and thus also increases its value. Especially for collectors of autographs and autographs, such a certificate is often indispensable to avoid forgeries.

However, there are also critics who doubt the validity of such certificates. After all, even experts can make mistakes, and forgeries are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Therefore, when choosing an expert to issue a certificate, one should always be well informed and pay attention to his experience and reputation.

We are recognized as an expert in the field of autographs and autographs in the Federal Association of Experts and our certificates are considered one of the most trusted expert opinions for autographs and autographs for over 30 years worldwide.

As members in the associations PADA, RACC, AFTAL, AdA and Co, we vouch for the authenticity of our autographs and autographs without reservation and document this with our sealed and personal certificates with clear description, illustration and corresponding reference.

Picture Certificate

- Clear illustration

- text

- personally signed

- sealed

Furthermore, we guarantee that our autographs pass the test of renowned 3rd party authentications such as PSA, AutographCoa, JSA or Beckett.



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