Wilson, Woodrow

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Typed letter signed, 1 1/2 pages (both sides), 8 x 10 inch, Princeton (New Jersey), 6.03.1898, reply letter to Mr. Edward Junius Edwards - Woodrow Wilson describes the Wilson family genealogy, signed in dark ink "Woodrow Wilson", with light soiling, a small hole, and intersecting letter folds with tears to the edges (partly restaured) - in fine to good condition.

In parts:
"My dear Mr. Edwards,
... my father, the Rev. Dr. Joseph R. Wilson, is of north of Ireland parentage, and that both his parents came to this country (his mother was a Miss Adams of Philadelphia) at a period subsequent to the Revolution ... My mother was born in Carlisle, England, of Scottish parents, her father being a Presbyterian clergyman, the Rev. Thomas Woodrow ..."

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(1856 - 1924) American politician and academic who served as the 28th President of the United States from 1913 to 1921

Year of Birth: 1856

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