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von Baeyer, Adolf autograph
von Baeyer, Adolf
Sale price$810.42 Regular price$1,739.11
Ostwald, Wilhelm autograph
Ostwald, Wilhelm
Sale price$694.48 Regular price$1,507.22
Hans Spemann Autograph Autogramm | ID 7163804418197Hans Spemann Autograph Autogramm | ID 7163804418197
Spemann, Hans
Sale price$289.85
Burton, Richard autographBurton, Richard autograph
Burton, Richard
Sale price$265.50 Regular price$637.67
Roberts, Frederick autograph
Roberts, Frederick
Sale price$230.72 Regular price$550.72
 Asia Autograph Autogramm | ID 7112681488533
Asia (Band)
Sale price$150.72
de Lamartine, Alphonse autographde Lamartine, Alphonse autograph
de Lamartine, Alphonse
Sale price$149.56 Regular price$342.02
Blumentritt, Günther autographBlumentritt, Günther autograph
Blumentritt, Günther
Sale price$149.56 Regular price$376.81
Jessica  Simpson Autograph Autogramm | ID 7209931309205
Jessica Simpson Autograph
Sale price$139.13
Henry Moore Autograph Autogramm | ID 6827483496597
Moore, Henry
Sale price$128.69
Motown Singers autograph
Motown Singers
Sale price$91.59 Regular price$202.90
Kellogg, Frank B. autograph
Kellogg, Frank B.
Sale price$91.59 Regular price$255.07
Enders, John Franklin autographEnders, John Franklin autograph
Enders, John Franklin
Sale price$80.00 Regular price$226.08
Werner Egk Autograph Autogramm | ID 6932335755413
Egk, Werner
Sale price$75.36
Pidgeon, Walter autograph
Pidgeon, Walter
Sale price$68.40 Regular price$173.91
Angell, Norman autographAngell, Norman autograph
Angell, Norman
Sale price$68.40 Regular price$202.90
Ruth  Wilson Autograph Autogramm | ID 7011204300949
Wilson, Ruth
Sale price$57.97
Pitney, Gene autographPitney, Gene autograph
Pitney, Gene
Sale price$56.81 Regular price$139.13
Grigorenko, Pyotr autograph
Grigorenko, Pyotr
Sale price$52.17 Regular price$139.13
Robson, May autograph
Robson, May
Sale price$45.22 Regular price$110.14
Prince Ernst Augustus of Hanover
Prince Ernst Augustus of Hanover
Sale price$40.58 Regular price$115.94
Uexküll, Jakob von autograph
Uexküll, Jakob von
Sale price$33.62 Regular price$92.75
Revere, Paul autograph
Revere, Paul
Sale price$33.62 Regular price$81.16
Cortez, Ricardo autograph
Cortez, Ricardo
Sale price$33.62 Regular price$86.96

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