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Autograph letter signed, two pages (both sides) - with Wagner`s embossed monogram, 4 x 5,5 inch, Zurich, 18.11.1856, in German, interesting letter to Heinrich Szadrowsky (1828-1878) - Wagner and Liszt make a last-minute change to the St Gall concert programme*: Wagner reports that he and Liszt wish for that ‘unhappy clarinet aria’ by Mozart to be replaced with a piece by Gluck; he informs Szadrowsky that he and Liszt plan to travel to Eisenbahn, requests a day’s rest after the concert, and bids his correspondent farewell until Saturday [when the concert is presumably to take place], written and signed in black ink "Rich. Wagner", with horizontal letter folds, and mild signs of age wear - in fine condition. 

In parts:
"Bester Herr Szadrowsky!
   Wir danken für Ihre guten Nachrichten, und freuen uns Beide auf unseren Besuch bei Ihnen, der nun, da Liszt`s Befinden dem kein Hindernis mehr in den Weg legt, pünktlich stattfinden soll.
   Mit dem Programm sind wir einverstanden, nur möchte ich in unserer aller Interesse um die Gluck, statt der unglücklichen Mozart`schen Clarinettenarie bitten. Also Gluck!
Des weiteren bitten wir um einen Wagen [...] 1/2 12 Uhr an der Eisenbahn, und um geheizte Zimmer [...]
 / Ferner bittet Sie Liszt, falls etwa die freundliche Absicht vorhanden, uns eines Abends zu befreien, weder Sonnabend noch Sonntag (nach dem Konzert etwa) dazu zu bestimmen, da er grosse Ermüdung fürchtet und - wie auch ich - der Ruhe bedarf.
Dagegen bleiben wir Montag in St. Gallen, und haben da hoffentlich Musse und Ruhe, Sie und die Herren Musikprofessoren zu sehen und zu begrüssen.
   Also - schönsten dank für die viele Mühe, und noch herzliches Bedauern wegen der Störung.
   Auf Wiedersehen Samstag!
      Ihr Rich. Wagner - Zürich - 18 Nov. 56"


"Best Mr. Szadrowsky!
   We thank you for your good news and we both look forward to our visit to you, which should take place on time now that Liszt's condition no longer poses any obstacles in the way.
   We agree with the program, but in the interests of all of us I would like to ask for the Gluck instead of the unhappy Mozart clarinet aria. So Gluck!
Furthermore, we ask for a car at the railway at 11.30 a.m., and for heated rooms [...]
  / In addition, Liszt asks you, if you have the kind intention, to arrange for us one evening [...], either Saturday or Sunday (after the concert, for example), as he fears great fatigue and - like me - needs rest.
   On the other hand, we will stay in St. Gallen on Monday and hopefully have the leisure and peace to see and greet you and the music professors.
   So - thank you very much for your hard work, and sincerely sorry for the disruption.
See you Saturday!
   Your Rich. wagner - Zurich - 18 Nov 56"

* The event in question is the famous concert given at St Gall on 23 November 1856 by Liszt and Wagner: the final order of works had Liszt's symphonic poems in the first half, separated by two romances from Gluck operas conducted by Szadrowsky, and Wagner conducting Beethoven's Eroica Symphony in the second half. The concert had in part been put on to give Wagner an opportunity of hearing orchestral performances of Liszt's works, which he confessed made a deep impression on him.

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(1813-1883) German composer, theatre director, polemicist, and conductor who is primarily known for his operas.

Year of Birth: 1813

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