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IP signed photograph, shows Thomas A. Steitz in a close-up portrait, 8 x 12 inch, obtained In-Person in Stockholm (December 2016), signed in black felt tip "Th. A. Steitz", in very fine condition.

Further Information on the person

(1940-2018) American biochemist, a Sterling Professor of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry at Yale University, and investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, best known for his pioneering work on the ribosome

Year of Birth: 1940

Biography (AI generated)

Thomas A. Steitz was an American biochemist and molecular biologist, born on August 23, 1940, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was known for his pioneering work in understanding the structure and function of ribosomes, the molecular machines involved in protein synthesis. Steitz made significant contributions to our understanding of the fundamental processes of life, earning him numerous accolades and recognition within the scientific community.

Steitz obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin, in 1962. He then pursued his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology at Harvard University, where he conducted research under the guidance of James Watson, one of the co-discoverers of the structure of DNA. After completing his doctorate in 1966, Steitz joined the laboratory of Robert Holley at Cornell University, where he furthered his interest in the structure and function of RNA molecules.

In the early 1970s, Steitz joined the team of Peter Moore at Yale University, where he carried out groundbreaking research on the structure of ribosomes. His work was instrumental in unraveling the complex three-dimensional architecture of these molecular complexes, providing crucial insights into their role in protein synthesis. Steitz's research also shed light on how antibiotics target ribosomes, leading to the development of new antimicrobial drugs.

Throughout his career, Steitz received numerous honors for his groundbreaking contributions, among them being awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2009, alongside Ada Yonath and Venkatraman Ramakrishnan. He was also a member of several prestigious scientific societies, including the National Academy of Sciences and the Royal Society. In addition to his scientific achievements, Steitz was known as an exceptional mentor who inspired and guided numerous young scientists throughout their careers.

Thomas A. Steitz's contributions to the field of molecular biology and biochemistry continue to influence scientific research to this day. His work revolutionized our understanding of the mechanisms underlying protein synthesis and the role of ribosomes in cellular processes. Steitz's legacy serves as an inspiration for future generations of scientists seeking to explore the intricacies of life at the molecular level.

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