Pyotr Alexeyevitch Kropotkin Autograph

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Autograph letter signed, 3 1/2 pages (on two conjoined sheets), 5,25 x 8,5 inch, Viola/Bromley/Kent, 10.02.1905, in French, reply letter to "Mon cher ami" (publisher Stock) - he thanks his friend for the letter and the 500 francs, gives him bad news about his health and writes about the famous Potemkin uprising that took place in July of the same year (1905), written and signed by Pyotr Alexeyevitch Kropotkin in dark ink "Pierre Kropotkin",  with horizontal letter folds, and very mild signs of wear - in fine to very fine condition.

In parts:
"Mon cher ami 
   Je vous remercie bien amicalement pour votre bonne lettre, ainsi que pour les 500 fr. qui l`accompagnaient [...] voila près de deux mois et que le poumon gauche ne semble nullement empressé de se rétablir. J`espère toutefois que cela marchera mieux dans quelques jours [...] On vit toujours d`espoir, et inutile de vous dire que ce mouvement populaire en Russie, qui d`un bond devance tous les partis - si savants et si sérieux - réveille en nous les meilleures espérances. [...]"

"My dear friend 
   I thank you very kindly for your kind letter, as well as for the 500 francs. who accompanied him [...] it's been almost two months and the left lung seems in no hurry to recover. However, I hope that it will work better in a few days [...] We always live on hope, and needless to say that this popular movement in Russia, which in one leap is ahead of all the parties - so learned and so serious - is waking up in us the best hopes. [...]"

Further Information on the person

(1842-1921) Russian geographer, economist, activist, philologist, zoologist, evolutionary theorist, philosopher, writer and prominent anarchist.

Year of Birth: 1842

Biography (AI generated)

Pyotr Alexeyevitch Kropotkin was a Russian anarchist, geographer, writer, and activist born in Moscow in 1842. He came from a noble family and received a traditional education, but he quickly became disillusioned with the Tsarist regime and the injustices he witnessed in society.

Kropotkin's early years were marked by a desire to explore and understand the world around him. He studied natural sciences and geography, which would later influence his anarchist beliefs. His travels through Europe and Siberia exposed him to different cultures and social systems, strengthening his resolve to fight against oppression and inequality.

As a prominent figure in the anarchist movement, Kropotkin advocated for a society based on mutual aid and cooperation rather than competition and hierarchy. He believed in the inherent goodness of humanity and argued that people could live in harmony without the need for oppressive governments.

Kropotkin's writings, including his seminal work "Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution," influenced generations of anarchists and social activists. He believed in the power of grassroots organizing and direct action to bring about meaningful change in society.

Despite facing persecution and imprisonment for his beliefs, Kropotkin remained steadfast in his commitment to anarchism and social justice. He continued to write and advocate for his ideals until his death in 1921, leaving behind a legacy of revolutionary thought and action.

Pyotr Alexeyevitch Kropotkin's life and work continue to inspire anarchists and activists around the world to this day, as his ideas remain as relevant and radical as ever.

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