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Letter signed, one page - with intergral blank leaf, 5,25 x 8 inch, blind-embossed `N` with royal crown letterhead, Paris, 25.08.1867, to Cardinal Lucien Bonaparte (1828-1895, son of Charles Lucien Bonaparte and his wife, Zénaïde Bonaparte) - Napoleon thanks for `Saint-Napoleon Day` wishes, signed in dark ink "Napoléon", attractively mounted (removable) for display with a picture, shows Napoleon III. in a beautiful half length portrait (altogether 11,75 x 8,25 inch), with mild toning, and intersecting letter folds - in fine to very fine condition. 

"Mon cher neveu, l’expression des vœux que vous formez pour le bonheur de l’impératrice, pour celui du Prince impérial et pour le mien, m’est toujours agréable. Je sais combien sont ardentes vos prières et je me réjouis de penser que vous continuez à les adresser au Ciel pour nous. Je vous en remercie et vous renouvelle l’expression de mes sentiments d’amitié.

"My dear nephew, the expression of the wishes that you form for the happiness of the Empress, for that of the Prince Imperial and for mine, is always pleasant to me [August 15 had been celebrated Saint-Napoleon Day]. I know how ardent your prayers are and I rejoice to think that you continue to address them to Heaven for us. I thank you and renew the expression of my feelings of friendship.

Further Information on the person

(1808-1873) President of the French Second Republic.

Year of Birth: 1808

Biography (AI generated)

Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte, often referred to as Napoleon III, was born on April 20, 1808 in Paris, France. He was the nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte, the famous military leader and Emperor of France. Louis-Napoleon grew up in exile after his uncle was defeated and ousted from power, but he was determined to restore the Bonaparte name to prominence.

After several unsuccessful attempts at seizing power, Louis-Napoleon was finally elected President of France in 1848. He quickly consolidated his power and in 1852, he declared himself Emperor, taking the title Napoleon III. During his reign, he modernized France's economy, infrastructure, and social welfare system.

Napoleon III also embarked on a series of military campaigns, including the Crimean War and the Franco-Austrian War. He aimed to expand France's influence and territory, but these efforts were often met with mixed results. Despite his ambitions, Napoleon III was ultimately defeated in the Franco-Prussian War in 1870.

After his defeat, Napoleon III was captured and exiled to England, where he lived out the remainder of his life in relative obscurity. He passed away on January 9, 1873 in Chislehurst, England, at the age of 64. Despite his defeats and shortcomings, Napoleon III remains a controversial figure in French history, known for his modernization efforts and ambitious foreign policy initiatives.

In conclusion, Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte, also known as Napoleon III, was a complex and ambitious leader who sought to restore the glory of the Bonaparte name in France. Though his reign was marked by both successes and failures, his legacy continues to be debated and analyzed by historians and scholars to this day.

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