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Eight cards or album pages signed (partly with autograph notes), in different sizes - each affixed with magazine pictures and related ephemera on board, including Jacinto Benavente (AQS, in Spanish - "Humble sin is closer to God than proud virtue"), Thomas Alexander Boyd (signature "Thomas Boyd"), Ford Madox Ford ("For Clarence R. Wagoner - Ford Madox Ford - New York 16 Feb 1929"), Henry George ("Henry George"), Richard Watson Gilder ("R.W. Gilder - Farmer etc. - Four Brooks Farm - Tyrinham, Berkshire - Massachusetts - July 31, 1829"), Vicente Blasco Ibanez (in Spanish - "To Mr. Clarence R. Wagoner - very affectionately - Menton June 1926"), Lytton Strachey ("Lytton Strachey"), Albert Payson Terhune ("Success does not consist in holding a good hand, but in playing a bad hand well - Albert Payson Terhune"), each (written and) signed in ink, bulk with moderate foxing, traces of mildew, and some with uneven toning - overall in fine to good condition. 

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Jacinto and Thomas Alexander were born into a family of artists, following in the footsteps of their talented parents. Their artistic abilities were evident from a young age, and they quickly made a name for themselves in the art world.

Ford Madox and Henry were influential figures in the literary world, known for their groundbreaking work in poetry and prose. Their unique writing styles captivated readers and critics alike, earning them widespread acclaim.

Benavente and Boyd were renowned musicians, known for their mastery of various instruments and genres. Their performances were always highly anticipated and consistently drew large crowds.

Ford and George were pioneers in the field of technology, making groundbreaking advancements in the world of science and engineering. Their innovations revolutionized various industries and left a lasting impact on society.

Together, these individuals formed a diverse and talented group that contributed greatly to their respective fields. Their collaborative efforts and shared passion for their crafts have left a lasting legacy that continues to inspire future generations.

Though their backgrounds and talents varied, Jacinto, Thomas Alexander, Ford Madox, Henry, Benavente, Boyd, Ford, George, and the others shared a common drive for excellence and a relentless pursuit of creativity. Their collective impact on the arts, literature, music, and technology is a testament to their unwavering dedication and passion for their work.

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