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Autograph note signed, one page - on a preprinted Season`s Greetings card, 5,75 x 5 inch (folded), (1943), brief thank-you letter to Beatrice Jupiter, written and signed in dark ink "L.", attractively mounted (removable) for fine display with a photograph of Leonard Bernstein (altogether 8,25 x 11,75 inch), with very mild signs of wear - in nearly very fine condition. Accompanied by the original envelope and a typed letter (signed by Samuel J. Bernstein).

"Dear B: Thanks very much for a really fine note. It keeps to remember that you had a life once before all this happened. Best of luck - L."

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(1918-1990) American conductor, composer, pianist, music educator, author, and humanitarian. Considered to be one of the most important conductors of his time, he was the first American conductor to receive international acclaim.

Year of Birth: 1918

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Leonard Bernstein was born on August 25, 1918 in Lawrence, Massachusetts. He was the son of Ukrainian Jewish immigrants. Bernstein was a gifted musician from a young age, and was already playing the piano at age seven. He studied music at Harvard University, and after graduating in 1939, he studied conducting at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia.

In 1943, Bernstein made his professional debut as a conductor with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. He was an immediate sensation, and his career quickly skyrocketed. Throughout the 1940s and 1950s, Bernstein composed, conducted, and performed with various musical organizations, including the New York Philharmonic, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

In addition to his work as a conductor, Bernstein was a prolific composer. He wrote music for ballets, operas, and musicals, as well as symphonies and chamber works. He wrote the music and lyrics for musicals such as West Side Story and Candide. He also wrote the score for the film On the Waterfront. Bernstein's work often blended classical and popular music styles, and he was one of the first composers to embrace this kind of musical synthesis.

Bernstein's work as a conductor and composer won him many awards and honors. In 1959, he was the first American-born conductor to be appointed as the music director of the New York Philharmonic. He was also the first American-born composer to win a Pulitzer Prize for Music. He received honorary degrees from many universities, and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1984.

Throughout his career, Bernstein was highly active in social and political causes, often using his music as a platform to express his views. He was an outspoken advocate for civil rights, and he campaigned for nuclear disarmament. He was also an advocate for music education, and he founded the Bernstein Education Through the Arts program, which provides music education to children in underserved communities.

Leonard Bernstein died on October 14, 1990 in New York City. He was one of the most influential and respected composers and conductors of the 20th century, and his music continues to inspire and influence listeners today.

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