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Letter signed, two pages (on two conjoined sheets) & addressed on the final page - with the remains of Montgolfier's wax seal affixed, 6,5 x 8,5 inch, Vidalon, 25.04.1790, to Monsieur Dayme (President of the `L`assemblée primaire des Cordeliers` in Annonay) - concerning the meeting of the primary assemblies, signed in dark ink "Montgolfier - Commissaire du Roy", attractively mounted (removable) for fine display with a picture of Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier (altogether 11,75 x 16,5 inch), with usual folds, minor tears resulting from the opening of the seal - in nearly fine condition.

In parts:
"Vous me demandès de vous donner connaissance de l’èpoque à laquelle peut se faire la réunion des assemblées primairon dans la chef lieu du canton, je l’ignore entierement elles seut peuvent prévoir et regler leurs mouvements [...]"

"You ask me to inform you of the time at which the meeting of the primary assemblies can take place in the capital of the canton, I am entirely unaware of it; they can foresee and regulate their movements [...]"

Further Information on the person

(1745-1799) Aviation pioneer, balloonist and paper manufacturer from the commune Annonay in Ardèche, France.

Year of Birth: 1745

Biography (AI generated)

Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier was born on January 6, 1745 in Annonay, a small town in France. He was the son of a successful paper manufacturer and grew up surrounded by the world of paper-making.

As a young man, Montgolfier took an interest in scientific experiments and became fascinated with the idea of flight. Along with his brother, Joseph-Michel Montgolfier, he began conducting experiments to explore the possibilities of hot air ballooning.

In 1783, the Montgolfier brothers launched the world's first successful hot air balloon, which soared to an altitude of over 6,000 feet. This groundbreaking achievement captured the imagination of people around the world and marked the beginning of modern aviation.

Montgolfier's contributions to the field of aeronautics earned him widespread recognition and acclaim. He was hailed as a pioneer of flight and his inventions paved the way for future advancements in aviation technology.

Throughout his life, Montgolfier continued to push the boundaries of what was possible in the realm of flight. His passion for innovation and exploration inspired generations of scientists and inventors to dream big and reach for the stars.

Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier passed away on August 2, 1799, but his legacy lives on in the countless achievements and discoveries that have been made in the field of aviation since his time.

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