Charles XV & IV

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Autographed letter signed, 4 pages on two adjoining sheets, 5,25 x 8 inch (altogether 10,5 x 8 inch), 22.03.1871, in French, to a friend - the King refers to the situation in France and concludes offering protection to his correspondent in Sweden in case things get worst in Paris, written and signed in black ink "Charles", with three horizontal letter folds and very mild signs of wear - in fine to very fine condition.

In parts (translated):
"... What a peace! My God, not only terrible but at the same time full of hate from the Germans…I can assure you that everybody here has a strong sympathy for your Homeland, and I can also say that we are the French of the north. What an awful mess in Paris at today`s date, and hell for all those socialists who spoil everything, even more after such an audacious and glorious defense conducted with so much fierceness.
We must dignify Mr. Thiers` courage who has been able to sign the treaty for peace with this dismemberment of France. There wasn`t much more that could be done in such situation, and to be fair, personally I would have never dared ... if the circumstances keep on getting darker in your country…you have risked enough, and your conscience and general sense must consider this…".

Adolphe Thiers (1797-1877, second President of the French Republic 1871-73) was appointed Chief of the French Government in February 1871, shortly before the present letter`s date. On February 26th 1871, in Versailles, he signed with Otto von Bismarck the preliminary Peace Treaty after the war with Prussia. King Charles refers in the present letter to the revolutionary Paris Commune, which would be suppressed by Thiers in May 1871, ending with thousands of Parisians killed.

Further Information on the person

(1826 - 1872) King of Sweden (Charles XV) and Norway (Charles IV) from 1859 until his death

Year of Birth: 1826

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