Disraeli, Benjamin

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Autograph letter signed, four pages (on two conjoined sheets - both sides), 4,5 x 7,25 inch, `Grosvenor Gate` (London), 17.06.1849, to Philip William Skinner Miles - enlisting his help in the debate on the state of the nation, written and signed in black ink "B. Disraeli", with intersecting letter folds, and soiling to folds of terminal page - in fine condition.

"My dear Mr. Miles,

   It is of great importance that we shd put forth all our debating powers in the ensuing discussion on the state of the nation.

Phil: Miles Esq

   I, therefore, very much wish to enlist your co-operation in the attempt, as I well remember the afficient aid you used occasionally to afford our / our common cause; I often regret tho` I am scarecely surprised at your distaste for the experiment under present circumstances that you so rarely come / come forward to do that which you have shown you can do well.

   Yours faithfully - B. Disraeli

Grosvenor Gate - June 18, 1849"

During a parliamentary session on July 2, 1849, Disraeli moved that a select committee be formed to debate on the state of the nation. He explained that his motion was motivated by the growth of poverty and certain weaknesses in the economy relating to foreign trade which had coincided with the start of Robert Peel's government. In subsequent days, after Peel delivered a speech in response, the greater part of the House of Commons rallied to Peel's defense.

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(1804-1881) British statesman and Conservative politician who twice served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He played a central role in the creation of the modern Conservative Party, defining its policies and its broad outreach.

Year of Birth: 1804

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