Benes, Edvard

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Typed letter signed, two pages (both sides), 6 x 8 inch, blind-embossed Czech coat of arms stationery, Paris, 12.01.1919, in French, to Dr. Arthur Chervin - Benes "thanks to the devoted support of our French friends" (translated), signed in black ink "Edvard Benes", attractively mounted (removable) for fine display with a photograph, shows Edvard Benes in a close-up portrait (altogether 11,75 x 8,25 inch), with a central horizontal letter fold and mild browning - in fine to very fine condition.

In parts:
"Cher Monsieur,

   Je suis très sensible aux voeux que vous avez bien voulu m`adresser à l`occasion du jour de l`An et dont je vous remercie bien vivement. Vous avez su trouver les paroles si flatteuses pour notre oeuvre, pour nos efforts, mais si nous avons réussi à gagner notre cause, c`est aussi grace au concours dévoué de nos amis Francais parmi lesquels vous êtes celui de première heure.
   Dans votre lettre, vous parlez de même de la question du corridor. Avez-vous fait quelques démarches au ministère des / affaires étrangères afin que le rapport sur cette question vous fut confié et quel en était le résultat? Je vous serais très obligié si vous vouliez bien m`informer à ce sujet. ..."

"Dear Sir,

   I am very sensitive to the wishes you kindly sent me on New Year's Day and for which I thank you very much. You have been able to find the words so flattering for our work, for our efforts, but if we have achieved such a victory, it is also thanks to the devoted support of our French friends among whom you are the first one.
   In your letter, you also talk about the issue of the corridor. Did you take any steps at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs so that the report on this issue was entrusted to you and what was the result? I would be grateful if you would inform me about this. ..."

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(1884-1948) leader of the Czechoslovak independence movement, Minister of Foreign Affairs and the second President of Czechoslovakia.

Year of Birth: 1884

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