New autopen examples of Elizabeth Taylor discovered

Elizabeth Taylor was a Hollywood icon and one of the most famous actresses of her time. Her career spanned over six decades, and she was known for her stunning looks, fiery personality, and undeniable talent. However, one of the lesser-known facts about Elizabeth Taylor is that she used an Autopen machine to sign her autographs.

Elizabeth Taylor was one of the first celebrities to use an Autopen machine to sign her autographs. She strongly started using the machine in the 1990s when she was no longer able to sign autographs by hand due to her health. The Autopen machine allowed her to continue signing autographs for her fans without putting too much strain on her hands.

Particular thanks to collector "Thomas Lau" who recently found following matching autopen examples and shared with us


Matching additional example

Fun fact that the second example was surprised to be an Autopen as the collector get this autograph in front of her house in Los Angeles. 

"Incredible it was an autopen, cause I get this autograph at Taylor's house in Los Angeles years ago ! Went there with flowers, it was impossible to meet her but they took one picture and said she would sign it and after 5 minutes I get this... I was 100% sure it was good until your message but you're right."

An Autopen machine is an electronic device that can replicate a signature. It works by tracing a pre-programmed signature onto a piece of paper using a pen. The machine is often used by politicians, celebrities, and other public figures who need to sign a large number of documents or autographs quickly and efficiently.

While some fans may feel disappointed that their autographs were not signed by Elizabeth Taylor herself, the use of the Autopen machine was not uncommon among celebrities at the time. In fact, many other famous figures, including presidents and astronauts, have used the machine to sign official documents and other items.

Despite the controversy surrounding the use of the Autopen machine, Elizabeth Taylor remained a beloved figure in Hollywood and beyond. Her legacy as an actress, philanthropist, and cultural icon continues to inspire people around the world, and her autographs, whether signed by her own hand remain highly coveted by fans.


In conclusion, Elizabeth Taylor's use of the Autopen machine to sign her autographs may have been controversial, but it allowed her to continue connecting with her fans even when her health was failing.

There exist also several previously known stamp and secretarial signatures already published on as well as other sources.