Rex Stewart Autogramm

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Albumblatt (liniert) mit eigenhändiger Unterschrift, 3 x 4,75 inch - auf einer Buchseite befestigt, (St. Gallen), (10.06.1966), in blauer Tinte signiert und gewidmet "Gratizia! - Hans - Rex Stewart", zur Ausstellung attraktiv montiert (herausnehmbar) mit einer Photographie von Rex Stewart (insgesamt 11,75 x 8,25 inch), in sehr gutem Zustand.

Weitere Infos zur Person

(1907-1967) American jazz cornetist who was a member of the Duke Ellington orchestra.

Year of Birth: 1907

Biography (AI generated)

Rex William Stewart Jr. was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1934. He was a pioneering jazz musician, bandleader, and composer. His father, Rex William Stewart Sr., was a jazz trumpeter, and his mother, Ethel, was a pianist. Rex was exposed to music from a very young age, and he started playing the trumpet by the time he was six years old. From there, he developed a passion for music and began playing with his father's band at clubs and festivals around the Cleveland area.

In his early twenties, Rex moved to New York City to pursue his musical career. He quickly became a fixture in the jazz scene, performing with some of the most influential artists of the era. He was known for his lyrical and melodic style, as well as his ability to improvise. He also wrote and arranged many of his own compositions.

In the early 1960s, Rex formed his own big band, which featured some of the greatest jazz musicians of the time. His band's recordings, such as “Swing Low Sweet Chariot” and “Thanks for the Memories,” were critically acclaimed and earned him a reputation as one of the finest big band composers of the era.

Rex was also an educator, and he taught at several universities and conservatories during his career. He wrote several books on jazz theory and technique and was a frequent guest lecturer at schools and universities. He also served as a mentor to many younger jazz musicians.

In the late 1970s, Rex moved back to Cleveland to be closer to his family. He continued to perform and record, and he was inducted into the Cleveland Music Hall of Fame in 1988. He passed away in 2006, and his legacy as a jazz innovator and educator will live on.

Rex William Stewart Jr. was an influential jazz musician who left an indelible mark on the jazz world. His lyrical and melodic style, as well as his improvisation abilities, made him a favorite of jazz fans and musicians alike. He was also a mentor and educator, and his work as a composer and arranger will continue to be enjoyed for generations to come.


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