Don Shanks Autogramm

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Photographie mit eigenhändiger Unterschrift, zeigt Don Shanks in einer Filmszene als Michael Myers in `Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers` (1989), 8 x 10 inch, in Bottrop persönlich gesammelt (2010), signiert mit silberfarbenem Filzstift "Don Shanks - Michael Myers", in sehr gutem Zustand.

Weitere Infos zur Person

(1950 - ) US-amerikanischer Schauspieler und Stuntman

Year of Birth: 1950

Biography (AI generated)

Don Shanks is a renowned American actor and stunt performer, born on February 26, 1950. He is best known for his role as Michael Myers in the cult horror film, "Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers" released in 1989. Shanks' portrayal of the iconic character earned him a dedicated fan base and solidified his place in the horror genre.

Before his breakthrough in the film industry, Shanks had a successful career as a professional football player. He played for the NFL team, the Oakland Raiders, in the early 1970s. However, a severe knee injury cut short his football career, leading him to venture into acting.

Shanks began his acting career with small roles in television series such as "Bonanza" and "Charlie's Angels." He also made appearances in popular movies like "The Jerk" starring Steve Martin. Throughout the 1980s, he slowly built his reputation as a versatile stunt performer, working on films like "Predator" and "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom."

It was in 1989 that Shanks landed the role of a lifetime as Michael Myers in "Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers." His portrayal of the masked killer was praised for its chilling intensity and physicality. Shanks' work in the film opened doors for him in the horror genre, leading to more roles in horror films like "Urban Legends: Final Cut" and "Nightmare Man."

In addition to his work in films, Shanks has also appeared on various television series, including "Baywatch" and "Touched by an Angel." He continues to work in the entertainment industry and remains a beloved figure among horror movie enthusiasts.

Outside of his career, Shanks is known for his love of outdoor activities, particularly fishing and hunting. He is also active in charitable endeavors, supporting causes related to children with disabilities and animal welfare.


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