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American punk rock band from Hermosa Beach, California, formed in 1988. The band took its name from the antagonist in Stephen King's horror novel It known as Pennywise the Dancing Clown.


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Pennywise is a clown from the horror novel It by Stephen King. He is one of the most iconic horror characters in popular culture. The novel, published in 1986, follows a group of seven children who face off against the monstrous Pennywise, a shape-shifting clown who feeds on children’s fears.

Pennywise is an ancient creature, believed to have existed since the beginning of time. He is a cosmic entity, existing outside of the boundaries of the physical world and is often referred to as “It”. He is a demonic being who appears in the form of a clown to lure children into his grasp.

Pennywise’s most notable trait is his ability to shape-shift into whatever his victim fears the most. He can appear as a giant spider, a werewolf or even a giant clown head. He also has the ability to control minds, levitate, and teleport.

Pennywise’s primary goal is to feed on the fear of children, which he does by preying on their insecurities and deepest fears. He is often described as an evil force that seeks to destroy innocence and innocence’s power. He is also known for his sadistic sense of humor and is known to taunt his victims before killing them.

The character of Pennywise has been portrayed in various adaptations of the novel, including a television miniseries, a film adaptation, and a Broadway musical. In each incarnation, he has been portrayed as a menacing and terrifying figure. He has become a popular horror icon, and is often featured in Halloween costumes and cosplay.

Pennywise is a powerful and compelling figure in horror fiction. His ability to shape-shift and prey on the fears of children has made him a fan favorite for decades. His sadistic sense of humor and menacing presence make him one of the most iconic villains in horror fiction.

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