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(1930-, Ecclestone) English business magnate. He is the former chief executive of the Formula One Group, which manages Formula One motor racing and controls the commercial rights to the sport, and part-owns Delta Topco, the previous ultimate parent company of the Formula One Group & (1952-, Piquet) Brazilian former racing driver and businessman.


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Bernard Charles Ecclestone is a British businessman who is best known as the former chief executive of the Formula One Group. He was born in April 1930 in Ipswich, England. He attended school in Suffolk, and upon leaving school he began working for the local gas company. He then moved on to become a driver and mechanic for the Brabham Racing team, and eventually became its team manager.

In 1972, Ecclestone purchased the Brabham team, and he quickly established himself as one of the leading figures in Formula One. He helped to increase the popularity of the sport, and was instrumental in setting up a series of lucrative television deals. He also played a key role in introducing safety measures to the sport, such as the introduction of the medical car, and the use of the safety car.

Ecclestone sold the Brabham team in 1988, and in the following year he became the CEO of the Formula One Group. Under his leadership, the Group expanded to include several other championships, and he also helped to create a new governance system for the sport. He was in charge of the Group until 2017, when he was replaced by Chase Carey.

Nelson Piquet is a Brazilian racing driver who is best known for his success in Formula One. He was born in July 1952 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He began his racing career in 1975, when he competed in Formula Ford in Brazil. He then moved on to compete in the British Formula 3 championship, and in 1978 he made his debut in Formula One.

Piquet enjoyed a successful career in Formula One, winning three world championships in 1981, 1983 and 1987. He is also remembered for his rivalry with fellow Brazilian driver Ayrton Senna, which was one of the most famous rivalries in the history of the sport. Piquet retired from Formula One in 1991, but he continued to compete in other series, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the IndyCar Series.

Piquet's son, Nelson Piquet Jr., also became a racing driver and competed in Formula One from 2008 to 2011. His other son, Nelsinho Piquet, has also had a successful career in motorsport, competing in Formula E and the World Endurance Championship.

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