1950s Soccer Autographs

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Signed vintage autograph album, about 5,5 x 7 inch, with signatures from (mostly German & English) team members: including the 1954 World Cup champions (S. Herberger, W. Kohlmeyer, F. Walter, T. Turek, J. Posipal, W. Liebrich, K. Mai, H. Rahn), Eintracht & FSV Frankfurt, Swiss National Team (about 1956), Aston Villa, Manchester City, Arsenal London, Lokomotiva Zagreb, some with mild signs of wear - overall in fine condition.

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The Vintage Soccer team is a group of soccer players who have been playing together since they were children. They are a tight-knit group of friends who have been playing soccer together since they were kids. They have all grown up together, cheering each other on through every victory and setback. The Vintage Soccer team consists of five members: John, Bill, Joe, Sam, and Alex.

John is the team captain. He is a strong leader who is never afraid to take charge. He is always the first one to the field and the last one to leave. He is passionate about the game and always has a plan for each game. He is always looking for ways to improve the team and is always willing to teach the rest of the team new skills.

Bill is the team's offensive powerhouse. He is an extremely fast and agile player who can change the game in a second. He is an incredible dribbler and is always looking for ways to break through the defense and get to the goal. He is also a great leader, and always encouraging his teammates to do their best.

Joe is the team's defensive rock. He never backs down from a challenge and is always covering for his teammates. He is the most reliable player on the team and is always there to help out when needed. He is the last line of defense and is always up for the challenge.

Sam is the team's creative spark. He is always looking for new ways to open up the defense and create chances for his teammates. He is an excellent passer and has a knack for finding the open man. He is always looking for ways to make the game more exciting.

Alex is the team's playmaker. He is an incredibly intelligent player who is always thinking two steps ahead. He can see the whole field and make the perfect pass. He is also an excellent finisher and can score from any angle. He is the heart and soul of the team.

The Vintage Soccer team is an incredible group of players who have been playing together since childhood. They are all extremely talented and dedicated to the game. They are a tight-knit group who always have each other's back and are always looking for ways to improve. They are a true example of what it means to be a team.

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