Would you like to sell an autograph or a whole collection?

Here's how!



We try our best to handle your sale as convenient and pleasant as possible. We are always interested in buying rare autographs, manuscripts or signed memorabilia from important historical people.

Your advantages

  • Thousands of international collectors and sales on different marketplaces
  • Marketing in collector related categories
  • Longtime customers in all fields;
  • Worldwide network between autograph experts , dealers and customers
  • Excellent reputation at major auction houses
  • Fast payment and fair prices
  • Cost free quotes
  • Guaranteed discretion
  • Tax advantage through International sales
 What we buy What we don't buy?
Authentic autographs, autographed letters, signed documents, manuscripts, signed memorabilia and complete collections in all fields.
  • Contemporary autographs without exact provenance
  • Autographs below a single value of $100
  • US Sport, German movie, television stars

    How to contact us?

    Simply write us an email to shop@brandesautographs.com.



    Most other dealers select and estimate only the most valuable items in a collection and the additional objects are not valued and included in the calculation. If you can afford to wait and do not prefer a fast cash sale, this opportunity could be a good alternative for you.

    It is your goal and our goal to get the best possible price as we will share the final sale price evenly (50-50).

    Markus Brandes Autographs is one of the leading and most popular online autograph companies worldwide. Your products will be offered to a huge community of collectors, dealers and marketplaces. With special promotions and marketing campaigns, your products will surely find a new home and come again into an admiring collector’s hands.

    We are responsible for the sales, costs, taxes, payment – you just need to deliver us your quality items.

    Your advantages:

    • We are genuinely interested in selling your item for the best possible price
    • You can always review your sales online and request prompt payment
    • Your items will be offered on many different and international marketplaces, for example EBAY
    • Every item will be proofed and certified and we personally guarantee authenticity.
    Together, we will decide on the best possible prices for your items. Generally speaking, the sale price will be evenly dived between the supplier and Markus Brandes Autographs. In the case of particularly valuable items, the commission will be set prior to the sale.

    Remember, it is our genuine goal to sell your item, at the best opportunity to a collector who will enjoy your collectible.

    Please contact us for references and testimonials from our satisfied consigners worldwide or if you have any questions regarding consignment sales.

    Rules for a consignment sale

    • We only accept items of a single value of $50 and over
    • If items are not sold after 1 year, we are able to discount them around 20% but only after a discussion with you
    • If items are not sold after 18 months we return them at the cost of 2 euros per item
    • We reserve the right to pass on consignments without giving any reason

    We look forward to receiving your consignment and viewing your exciting autographs and collections !

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