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Signed vintage photographs of Richard Strauss & opera singers, with about 50 signatures - including signatures of Richard Strauss, Set Svanholm, Georg Monthy (8), Alfred Poell (3), Todor Mazaroff, Paul Schöffler, William Wernigk, Hans Hotter, Franz Völker, Herbert Alsen, Karl Kamann, Josef von Manowarda, Hermann Wiedemann, Karl Friedrich, Lea Piltti, Helena Braun (2), Hilde Konetzni (2), Dora Komarek (2), Esther Rethy, Elena Nikolaidi, Else Böttcher, mostly about 3,5 x 5,5 inch, mostly signed in blue ink, some of them with mild signs of wear - overall in fine to very fine condition. 

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Richard Strauss was a German composer and conductor widely known for his operas and symphonic poems. Born in Munich in 1864, he showed musical talent from an early age and received his first composition lessons before he turned six. His father, Franz Strauss, was a renowned horn player and played a significant role in shaping Richard's musical development.

Strauss's opera compositions are considered masterpieces of the Romantic era, blending dramatic storytelling with lush orchestration. His most famous works include "Der Rosenkavalier," "Salome," and "Elektra." These operas showcase Strauss's innovative use of harmony and orchestration, pushing the boundaries of traditional opera composition.

Throughout his career, Strauss collaborated with some of the most talented opera singers of his time. Singers like Lotte Lehmann, Elisabeth Schumann, and Lauritz Melchior were frequent performers in his operas. Their expressive performances brought his music to life on stage, captivating audiences with their powerful voices and emotional depth.

As a conductor, Strauss worked with leading opera houses in Europe, including the Vienna State Opera and the Royal Opera House. His keen sense of musical interpretation and attention to detail made him a sought-after conductor for both orchestral and operatic performances.

Today, Richard Strauss is remembered as one of the most influential composers of the late Romantic period, with his operas continuing to be performed by opera companies around the world. His innovative compositions and collaborations with talented opera singers have left a lasting legacy in the world of classical music.

In conclusion, Richard Strauss's contributions to opera and the world of classical music are truly remarkable. His operas remain timeless masterpieces, thanks in part to the unforgettable performances of the talented opera singers he worked with throughout his career.

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