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Autograph letter signed, one page, 5,25 x 8,25 inch, 4.04.1899, in French, to "cher A. A." (most likely Albert Andre)* - concerning a failed meeting and his health, written and signed in dark ink "Renoir", attractively mounted (removable) for fine display with a portrait picture of Pierre-Auguste Renoir (altogether 16,5 x 11,75 inch), with mild intersecting mailing folds, and signs of wear to the edges - in fine condition. 

"Mon cher A. A.,
Je ne sais que vous dire sinon que vous êtes bien gentil de penser à moi. Je ne vais ni bien ni mal, ou plutôt un jour mal un autre moins. Bref, le midi ne m’a pas réussi, cette fois. Peut-être aussi qu’à Paris j’aurais été plus malade ? Bref, je rentre la semaine prochaine à Paris. Ma femme vous fais bien ses amitiés, et bien des choses à la vôtre de ma part (de femme).
   Bien affectueusement - Renoir"

"My dear A. A.,
I don't know what to tell you except that you are very kind to think of me. I am neither good nor bad, or rather one day bad another less. In short, noon has not successfully happened to me this time. Perhaps I would have been sicker in Paris, too? Anyway, I'm going back to Paris next week. My wife sends her best regards to you, and many things to you from me (as a woman).
   Very affectionately - Renoir"

* A great friend of Auguste Renoir, the painter Albert André had become friends with him around 1895. It was at Renoir's insistence that in 1917 he agreed to become curator of the Musée de Bagnols-sur-Cèze, the first provincial institution devoted to modern art. In 1919, he published a monograph devoted to Auguste Renoir, which he considered to be accurate.

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(1841-1919) French artist who was a leading painter in the development of the Impressionist style.

Year of Birth: 1841

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