Leonor Fini Autograph

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Autograph letter with handdrawn sketch (of a cat) signed, one page, 8,25 x 11,75 inch, October, 16th, in French, reply letter to "Monsieur" - concerning an autograph request, drawn, written and signed in black ink "Leonor Fini", attractively mounted (removable) for fine display with a photograph of Leonor Fini with a cat (altogether 16,5 x 11,75 inch), with intersecting mailing folds, and foxing to the edges - in fine to very fine condition.

Voilà le petit dessin et les deux lignes pour vous due que vous fente bien d`aimes l`ait.
   Bon Jour - Leonor Fini"

Here is the little drawing and the two lines for you because you love it.
   Good morning - Leonor Fini"

Further Information on the person

(1907-1996) Argentine surrealist painter

Year of Birth: 1907

Biography (AI generated)

Leonor Fini was an Argentine-Italian painter and surrealist artist known for her often mysterious and provocative works. Born in 1907 in Argentina, Fini grew up in Trieste, Italy, and studied at the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. She developed a lifelong interest in the occult and a fascination with the work of the Austrian psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. She moved to Paris in 1932, where she quickly gained fame for her paintings and became a central figure in the European surrealist movement.

Fini's works ranged from traditional oil and watercolour paintings to more experimental collages and assemblages. She often depicted female figures in dreamlike scenarios, exploring themes of identity, sexuality, and femininity. Fini claimed to have no specific artistic technique but instead relied on intuition and instinct when creating her works. She also wrote extensively about the creative process, believing that it should be seen as a way of understanding the subconscious.

Fini's art was highly influential, and her works were exhibited in galleries around the world. She was also a prolific writer, producing several books on art and surrealism. In addition to her painting, Fini also wrote and directed several plays, and she designed costumes for the theatre. She was a vocal advocate for gender equality, and she fought for the rights of women and the LGBTQ+ community.

Fini's life was marked by a series of passionate love affairs, and she often referred to herself as a "sexual nomad". She was known for her eccentric personal style and her outspokenness. She is often seen as an emblem of the independent, free-spirited woman that she embodied.

Fini passed away in 1996 in Paris, at the age of 89. Her legacy lives on through her art, which can be found in galleries and museums around the world. Her works continue to inspire and influence a new generation of artists, as well as those who are passionate about surrealism and the occult.

Leonor Fini was a pioneering artist who pushed the boundaries of surrealism and explored the depths of her own subconscious. Her works are a testament to her creative vision and her remarkable ability to express her innermost thoughts and feelings through her art.

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