Fito de la Parra Autograph

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IP signed photograph, shows Fito de la Parra on stage, 12 x 8 inch, obtained In-Person in Hannover (19.10.2023), signed in black felt tip, in very fine condition.

Further Information on the person

(1946-) Mexican drummer

Year of Birth: 1946

Biography (AI generated)

Fito de la Parra is a Mexican drummer, best known as the founding member and current drummer of the legendary blues-rock band, Canned Heat. Born on July 8, 1946, in Mexico City, de la Parra developed a passion for music from a young age. His father was an opera singer, which exposed him to a wide range of musical styles.

De la Parra relocated to Los Angeles in 1966 to pursue a career in music. He soon founded Canned Heat with fellow musicians Bob Hite, Alan Wilson, Henry Vestine, and Larry Taylor. The band gained popularity in the late 1960s, known for their energetic live performances and fusion of blues, rock, and boogie-woogie. De la Parra's drumming style became a defining element of their sound.

Over the years, Canned Heat released numerous albums and achieved international success with hits like "On the Road Again" and "Going Up the Country." They also performed at prominent music festivals, including Woodstock and Monterey Pop Festival.

Despite lineup changes and tumultuous times, de la Parra remained committed to the band. He continued to tour and record with Canned Heat, ensuring their legacy as one of the most influential blues-rock bands of all time.

Aside from his work with Canned Heat, de la Parra has also collaborated with various artists, including John Lee Hooker, Little Richard, and Dr. John. He has received numerous accolades for his contributions to music, including induction into the Hollywood Rock Walk of Fame.

Today, Fito de la Parra continues to perform with Canned Heat, keeping the spirit of blues-rock alive and entertaining fans around the world with his exceptional drumming skills.

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