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Signed vintage photograph, shows Eisaku Sato in a full length portrait, 3,25 x 4,75 inch, signed in blue ink "Eisaku Sato", with scattered mild signs of wear - in fine to very fine condition. Accompanied by the original envelope and a compliment card.

Further Information on the person

(1901-1975) Japanese politician and the 39th Prime Minister of Japan

Year of Birth: 1901

Biography (AI generated)

Eisaku Sato was a Japanese politician and the 39th Prime Minister of Japan. He was born on March 27, 1901, in Tabuse, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Sato was the first Japanese Prime Minister to come from outside the political elite, as his father was a local landlord rather than a government official.

After completing his education at Tokyo Imperial University, Sato joined the Ministry of Railways, where he served as a bureaucrat. In 1942, he won his first political office as a member of the House of Representatives, representing the Liberal Party. He went on to hold various ministerial posts, including Minister of Construction and Minister of International Trade and Industry.

In 1964, Sato became the Prime Minister of Japan, serving until 1972. During his tenure, he focused on domestic policy, implementing various economic reforms and expanding social welfare programs. He also worked to improve Japan's relations with other countries, particularly the United States and its Asian neighbors.

Sato is perhaps best known for his role in signing the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons in 1968. As Prime Minister, he made the decision for Japan not to develop nuclear weapons, cementing the country's commitment to a non-nuclear policy.

After retiring from politics, Sato continued to be active in international affairs, serving as the President of the International Institute for Peace in Vienna. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1974 for his efforts in promoting disarmament and maintaining peaceful relationships between nations.

Eisaku Sato passed away on June 3, 1975, but his legacy as a statesman dedicated to peace and progress continues to inspire generations in Japan and beyond.

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