Thomas Edison Autograph

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Autograph lab notes signed - at the top of each page of a typed letter (addressed to Mr. Edison) signed by Thomas Edison`s assistant, Hal Starrett (5.01.1923), two pages, 8,5 x 11 inch, (1923), response to the typed letter from Starrett - concerning the shortage of Baby Consoles & only having a select few types of Edison Disc Phonograph S-19, written and signed by Thomas Edison in pencil "Put on desk" (first page) & "How can we do it on Theory = This is our first test, let us learn from this - E." (second page), with mild signs of age wear, and perforated to the left & upper edge - in fine condition. Accompanied by an unsigned vintage matte-finish photograph, shows Thomas Edison in a half length portrait, 8 x 10 inch. 

Further Information on the person

(1847-1931) American inventor and businessman. He developed many devices in fields such as electric power generation, mass communication, sound recording, and motion pictures. These inventions, which include the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and early versions of the electric light bulb, have had a widespread impact on the modern industrialized world

Year of Birth: 1847

Biography (AI generated)

Thomas Edison was born on February 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio. He was the youngest of seven children born to Samuel and Nancy Edison. As a young boy, he had a great passion for science and invention, spending much of his time tinkering with gadgets and machines. He was also an avid reader, consuming books on a wide variety of topics.

Edison's family moved to Port Huron, Michigan in 1854. This move gave Edison access to a larger library and its science-focused curriculum. He quickly began to excel in all areas of his studies, especially in chemistry and mathematics. By the age of 12, Edison had already begun to experiment with electricity, using scraps of wire and pieces of rubber to create a battery.

Edison's curiosity and ingenuity soon led him to start a business. He opened a small telegraph office in Port Huron and quickly earned a reputation for being able to fix any problem. His success in the telegraph business led him to move to Boston and then New York City, where he continued to work as a telegraph operator.

Edison's most famous invention was the light bulb. He is credited with creating the first practical light bulb in 1879. He also invented the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and the alkaline storage battery. His inventions revolutionized the world and earned him the nickname "The Wizard of Menlo Park".

Throughout his life, Edison was awarded 1,093 patents. He also founded several companies, including Edison Electric Light Company and General Electric. His groundbreaking research and inventions led to new industries and technologies that continue to shape our lives today.

Thomas Edison passed away in 1931. He was 84 years old. He is remembered for his creative genius and his never-ending curiosity. He was a tireless worker and an inspiration to generations of scientists and inventors.

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