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Guest book (by Pierre Berlacki who ran a restaurant) with more than 50 signatures (partly on affixed vintage photographs), about 6,5 x 8,25 inch, mostly from the 1950s and 1960s, mostly signed by actors, artists and singers in blue ink - partly with autograph musical quotations or sketches: inter alia John Derek, Ursula Andress, Jacques Becker, Sylivie Koscina, Harry Kessler, Elsa Martinelli, Brenda Lee, Erna Sack, Gert Frobe, Isa Miranda, Valentina Cortese, Marcelo Mastroianni, Guido Orlando, Jack Palance, Gene Kelly, Rhonda Fleming, Marino, Laureen Bacall, Sonja Henie, Silvio Pampanini, Hope Lange, Shelley Winters, David Wayne, Deanna Durbin, Paul Klecki, Mischa Auer, Barbara Laage, Joseph Kessel, R. Wismer, Jacques Tati (with little bicycle sketch), Robbe-Grillet, Armand Salacrou, Gilles Grangier, Yul Brynner, Rudolf Firkušný, Roger Feral, George Grant, Joe Losey, Hardy Krüger, Walter Slezak, Dalida, Peter Ustinov (with sketch), Marc Chagall, Maria Callas, Vittorio de Sica, Sydney Poitier, Claude Nougaro (with sketch), Lino Ventura, Frank Borman, T. Cosma, some pages with stains, clippings, and signs of age wear - overall in nearly fine condition.

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Actors, Artists & Singers

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Marc Chagall was a Russian-French artist known for his Surrealist and expressionist paintings. Born in 1887, he moved to Paris in 1910 and became a prominent figure in the modern art world. His work often featured dreamlike images and vibrant colors, influenced by his Jewish heritage and personal experiences.

Maria Callas was a Greek-American opera singer who was widely regarded as one of the greatest sopranos of the 20th century. Born in 1923, she rose to fame in the 1950s and became known for her powerful voice and dramatic performances. Callas was often referred to as "La Divina" for her unforgettable stage presence.

Together, Chagall and Callas formed a unique friendship that was rooted in their shared passion for art and music. Chagall was inspired by Callas' performances and often depicted her in his paintings, capturing her beauty and talent with his distinctive style.

Their friendship extended beyond the world of art, as they bonded over their love of literature, philosophy, and culture. Chagall's poetic paintings and Callas' emotional performances reflected their deep connection to the world around them.

Although they came from different backgrounds and disciplines, Chagall and Callas found common ground in their shared creative spirit and thirst for beauty. Their collaboration enriched the world of art and music, leaving a lasting legacy that continues to inspire generations of artists and musicians.

Chagall and Callas, along with other influential figures of their time, left an indelible mark on the world of art and music. Through their work, they challenged conventions, broke boundaries, and pushed the limits of their respective fields, paving the way for future generations of artists and musicians to follow in their footsteps.

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