Singh, Raja Mahendra Pratap

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Autograph letter signed, one page, 8 x 10,75 inch, `World Federation` letterhead, Tokyo, 18.04.1933, thank-you letter to Dr. Kuntz Robinson in Berlin-Spandau - Pratap thanks his correspondent for a promised accommodation in Berlin, written and signed in dark ink "M. Pratap", with a central horizontal letter fold and creases - in fine condition.

In parts:
"I am very thankful to receive from you the definite promise to give me 'a home for some days' in the heart of Germany. I am fortunate now for to get a dozen of such kind offers. I am sure, when I can start on a world tour, I shall enjoy the valuable company of many friends. For the time being I am giving come concerted attention to this part of our world as our March-April edition will reveal. The next issue will show further the developments of our plans. I shall be very glad if I can find somewhere - no matter where - a spot to bring in to being our picture of the future ... Our World Federation can best depict our progress ..."

Accompanied by an autograph postcard signed, shows a `World Federation Map` on the front side, 3,5 x 5,5 inch, Tokyo, 23.06.1935, Pratap announces a travel to the US, written and signed in blue ink "M. Pratap", with mild browning, in fine to very fine condition. Comes with a circular (`World Army`).

"Dear Sir, two leaves came from you. I could not understand their purpose. There was no letter enclosed in the envelope. I am now going to U.S. My story is brought by our circular.
vours truly M. Pratap"

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(1886 - 1979) Freedom fighter, journalist, writer, and Marxist revolutionary social reformist of India and President of first Provisional Government of India

Year of Birth: 1886

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