Heye, Hellmuth

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Typed letter signed, one page, 8,25 x 11,5 inch, Munich, 11.10.1965, in German, reply letter to Dr. jur. Fritz Blume in West Germany - concerning his state of health and his living conditions, signed in blue ballpoint ink "Hellmuth Heye", with intersecting letter folds and file holes to the left edge - in fine to very fine condition.

In parts:
"Nach langer Klinikzeit, bei der mein rechter Arm zum Invaliden wurde, geht es mir jetzt wieder gut und ich versuche, noch etwas Nützliches zu tun. Inzwischen bin ich erst einmal in eine kleine Wohnung in München gezogen, bis ich weiß, wo ich endgültig Anker werfe..."

"After a long time in the clinic, in which my right arm became disabled, I am now fine and I am trying to do something useful. In the meantime, I first moved to a small apartment in Munich until I know where to anchor...."

Further Information on the person

(1895 - 1970 ) German admiral in World War II and politician in post-war Germany, Ombudsman for the Militar,

Year of Birth: 1895

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