Blumentritt, Günther

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Autograph letter signed, two pages - both sides, 8,25 x 5,75 inch, Marburg/Lahn, 17.07.1950, to general Felix Steiner (1896-1966) - concerning a visit of Job von Witzleben (1916-1999) and a Dr. Gehring, and a memorandum from Hans Speidel (1897-1984, German general during the Second World War and the Cold War - he played a key role in German rearmament and integration into NATO) to Truman Smith (1893-1970, U.S. Army infantry officer, and intelligence officer - he influenced the establishment of the new Bundeswehr to play a role in the Cold War), written and signed in blue ink "stets Ihr Blumentritt", with a vertical mailing fold, red markings and trimmed to the lower edge - in fine to very fine condition.

In parts:
"Mein lieber Steiner!
15./16.7. waren Witzleben und Dr. Gehring aus München bzw. Planegg im Auto bei mir. Sie kamen `ohne` Tendenzen. Gehring war beim ehem. VII. A.K. sehr guter Freund von uns ... Speidel hatte am 25.4. ein Memorandum an Truman Smith geschickt u. erhielt Luftpostbrief vom 21.6., daß dieses bei Gen. Wedemeyer, Bradley, Collins, Hoover, Dulles `beste` Aufnahme gefunden habe..."

"My dear Steiner!
July 15./16. Witzleben and Dr. Gehring from Munich respectively Planegg were with me by car. They came without `tendencies`. Gehring was a very good friend of us at the former VII. A.K. ... Speidel had sent a memorandum to Truman Smith on April 24. and received an airmail letter dated June 21., declared that this has been `well` received by Gen. Wedemeyer, Bradley, Collins, Hoover, Dulles..."

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(1892 - 1967) German general WW II

Year of Birth: 1892

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