Garibaldi, Giuseppe

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Letter signed, two pages (both sides), 5 x 8 inch, Caprera, 18.02.1868, in French, to a friend - suggesting that the notion of religion and morality without priests advanced in his proposed work could be beneficial for Human progress, written and signed in black ink "G. Garibaldi", attractively mounted (removable) for fine display with a picture, shows Garibaldi in a half length portrait (altogether 11,75 x 8,25 inch), with mounting remnants to the extreme edges, one pinhole, and intersecting letter folds with a few tears to the edges (partly restored) - in fine to good condition.

In parts:
"Mon cher ami
Religion de Dieux ou Religion de la vérité sont synonimes pour moi; nous sommes donc d`accord - et dans le beau titre Religion et la morale sans Prêtres que vous nous proposez a donner a votre ouvrage c`est encore le meme et la seconde partie surtout sans Prêtres, est la plus interessante pour le progrès humain...Ôtez le prêtre et la science pourra facilement fraterniser les Nations sans les auspices du mythe incompréhensible que nous presentons par ces ouevres et que nous sommes incapables de connaitre et de definir - Dieux l `Eternel l`infini, l`âme de l`univers enfin...Observez bien, que je n`enseigne pas Dieux - je laisse cette impudence aux Prêtres..."

"My dear friend
Religion of God or Religion of Truth sre synonymous for me; we are therefore in agreement - and in the beautiful title Religion and morality without priests which you propose to give your work, it is again the same and especially the second part without priests, is the most interesting for human progress...Remove the priest and science will easily be able to bring nations together without the auspices of the incomprehensible myth that we present by these works and that we are incapable of knowing and defining - God the Eternal, the infinite, the soul of the infinite universe...Note well, that I do not teach God - I leave that impudence to the priests..."

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(1807-1882) French-born general and politician who played a large role in the history of Italy and the world.

Year of Birth: 1807

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