Hauptmann, Gerhart

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Typed note signed, one page (cardboard), 5,75 x 4 inch, Agnetendorf (Poland), December 1940, in German, brief thank-you note to an unnamed correspondent - concerning his birthday, signed in black ink "Gerhart Hauptmann", attractively mounted (removable) for fine display with a photograph, shows Gerhart Hauptmann in a chest-up portrait (altogether 8,25 x 11,75 inch), in very fine condition. 

"Sie haben wieder in so herzlicher Weise meines Geburtstages gedacht, und ich danke Ihnen vielmals dafür.
  Gerhard Hauptmann"

"You have once again commemorated my birthday in such a heartfelt way, and I thank you very much for it.
  Gerhard Hauptmann"

Further Information on the person

(1862 - 1946) German dramatist and novelist who received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1912

Year of Birth: 1862

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