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Signed vintage postcard photograph, shows Fritz Kreisler in a 2/3 length pose, 3,25 x 5,25 inch, signed in dark ink "F. Kreisler", with mild signs of wear - in fine to very fine condition.

Further Information on the person

(1875-1962) Austrian-born violinist and composer.

Year of Birth: 1875

Biography (AI generated)

Fritz Kreisler was an Austrian-born American violinist and composer. Born in Vienna in 1875, he came from a musical family and began playing the violin at a young age. He studied with the renowned violinist Joseph Joachim at the Vienna Conservatory, where he won numerous awards and was regarded as one of the finest musicians of his generation. In addition to his solo career, he was also a member of the Vienna Philharmonic for more than a decade.

Kreisler's career as a soloist began in the late 1890s, when he toured Europe and made his debut at the Royal Albert Hall in London. He eventually settled in the United States, and his star continued to rise as he performed with the world's leading orchestras. He was particularly beloved in America, where he developed a devoted following and was praised for his passionate performances. He was also renowned for his skill as an improviser, and many of his most popular pieces were the result of his improvisations.

Kreisler was also a prolific composer. He wrote a number of works for both solo violin and orchestra, and he was particularly noted for his salon pieces, which were light, lyrical works that proved popular with audiences. Among his most famous works are his Liebesleid, his Schon Rosmarin, and his Caprice Viennois. He was also known for transcribing and arranging works by other composers, such as Bach, Vivaldi, and Mozart.

In addition to his performing and composing, Kreisler was also an influential teacher. He taught at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia and the Juilliard School in New York, and he was sought after by many of the leading violinists of the day for his advice and instruction. His students included the great Yehudi Menuhin, among others.

Kreisler's career was interrupted by World War I, during which he served in the Austrian army. He was taken prisoner by the Russians and spent two years in captivity. Upon his release, he returned to the United States and resumed his performing career. He continued to perform and compose until his death in 1962.

Fritz Kreisler was one of the most beloved violinists and composers of the twentieth century. His passionate performances and lyrical compositions won him a devoted following, and his influence as a teacher and mentor is still felt today. He is remembered as one of the greatest musicians of his generation and a true master of the violin.

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