Pauer, Ernst

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Autograph letter signed, 2 1/4 pages (on two conjoined sheets), 5,25 x 8 inch, 9.01.1865, in German, to an unknown lady - concerning her favourite concert of Beethoven, written and signed in black ink "E. Pauer", attractively mounted (removable) for fine display with a portrait picture of Ernst Pauer (altogether 11,75 x 8,25 inch), with intersecting letter folds and mild browning to the edges - in fine to very fine condition.

In parts:
"Verehrteste gnädige Frau!
Ihre heutigen Äußerung, daß Beethoven (...) Es dur Concert Ihr Lieblings-Concert ist, hat mich veranlaßt, auf das Studium desselben besondere Sorgfalt zu verwenden. Diese besondere Sorgfalt kostet aber sehr Zeit und daher muss ich ganz ergebenst um Entschuldigung bitten, wenn ich meinen Vorsatz, Sie heute (...) zu besuchen, nicht zur Ausführung bringen konnte..."

"Most honored madam!
Your statement today that (...) Es Concert of Beethoven is your favorite concert has caused me to take special care in the study of it. But this particular care takes a lot of time, so I have to apologize in the most devout way for not being able to carry out my intention to visit you today (...)"

Further Information on the person

(1826 - 1905) Austrian pianist, composer and educator

Year of Birth: 1826

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