Elias Canetti Autograph

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Signed card - with an affixed portrait photograph of Elias Canetti, 3,5 x 5,5 inch, signed in blue ballpoint ink "Elias Canetti", in very fine condition.

Further Information on the person

(1905-1994) German language author - he won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1981.

Year of Birth: 1905

Biography (AI generated)

Elias Canetti was a Nobel Prize-winning novelist, playwright, and essayist. He was born on 25 July 1905 in Ruse, Bulgaria, to a prosperous Sephardic Jewish family. His father, Jacques Canetti, was a merchant, and his mother, Mathilde Arditti, was a pianist. Canetti had three siblings, and from an early age he was exposed to a wide range of languages and cultures.

Canetti's childhood was spent in Ruse and Vienna. In Vienna, he attended the Neue Wiener Handelsakademie, a prestigious business school. He found the school's curriculum too narrow and restrictive, and he soon started to pursue his own interests, particularly in philosophy and literature. In 1924, he left school and moved to Berlin, where he worked as a journalist and translator of foreign works.

Canetti's first published work was a collection of essays called Die Provinz des Menschen (The Province of Man). It was followed by his novel Auto-da-Fe, which was published in 1935. The novel tells the story of a reclusive bookseller whose life is disrupted by a fanatic who claims to be the Messiah. The novel earned Canetti international acclaim and won the Viennese Academy Prize in 1935. It was also adapted into an opera by the composer Gottfried von Einem in 1981.

Canetti continued to write novels, plays, and essays throughout his life. His other works include Die Blendung (The Blindness), a novel about a professor's descent into madness; Crowds and Power, an essay on crowd psychology; and The Conscience of Words, a collection of essays on language. He also wrote several plays, including The Numbered and Der Ohrenzeuge (The Earwitness).

In 1981, Canetti was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for his works that "illuminate the human condition in the 20th century". He used the prize money to establish the Elias Canetti Foundation, which provides grants to writers and scholars. He died in Zurich in 1994.

Canetti's works are notable for their combination of psychological insight, unique language, and vivid imagery. His novels and plays explore themes of power, authority, and the individual's struggle against conformity. He was an acclaimed and influential writer whose works continue to be read and discussed today.

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