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Ancient handwritten book with Buddhist religious text, 8 x 1,25 inch, 58 pages (both sides) - on 30 palm leaves (bound with a coeval cord, to whose extremes are tide, as usual, two Cash, whose engravings of the Qianlong period allow dating from 1736-1796), designated as "Tantri Ati Darma (Quarto Libre)", like all Buddhist texts, the one contained in this book also seems to be written in Pali or Thai, written in dark ink, with signs of age wear - in fine condition.

Palm leaf books are typical of Asia, and their tradition is lost over the millennia. They have fallen into disuse only in the 19th century, with the advent of printing presses. They were made on Palmyra and Talipot palm leaves, long up to 5 meters, which, after being boiled in a mixture of herbs, were then cut and pressed. This process meant that they could endure hundreds of years even in hot and humid environments. The engravings, made with a small knife, were then rubbed with a vegetable contrast or lampblack to make them readable.

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