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(1918-1989) Romanian communist politician and dictator. He was the general secretary of the Romanian Communist Party from 1965 to 1989, and the second and last Communist leader of Romania.


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Nicolae Ceausescu was the leader of Romania from 1965 until 1989. He was a controversial figure and his rule was marked by Stalinist policies and a cult of personality. He is best remembered for his oppressive policies and his autocratic rule.

Ceausescu was born in Romania in 1918. He studied engineering in Bucharest and joined the Romanian Communist Party in 1945. He soon rose to a leadership position and in 1965, he became the General Secretary of the party, making him the leader of Romania. Under his leadership, Romania withdrew from the Warsaw Pact and pursued a more independent foreign policy.

Ceausescu implemented a number of repressive policies, including the suppression of dissent and the restriction of religious and cultural activities. He also pursued a number of economic policies, including forced industrialization and the export of food and raw materials to pay off the country’s foreign debt. These policies created an economic crisis and led to widespread poverty.

Ceausescu also created a cult of personality and was widely seen as a dictator. His rule was marked by human rights abuses, censorship, and the use of the Securitate, the Romanian secret police, to maintain his rule. He also constructed a number of extravagant buildings and monuments, which were seen as a waste of money.

In 1989, Ceausescu was overthrown in a popular uprising. He and his wife were arrested and put on trial for crimes against the state. They were found guilty and sentenced to death, and were executed by firing squad in December 1989.

Ceausescu’s legacy remains controversial, with some viewing him as a repressive tyrant and others viewing him as a modernizing leader who was ultimately betrayed by his own people. Whatever one's opinion of him, his rule had a lasting impact on Romania and is still remembered today.

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