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Autograph letter signed, two pages (both sides), 5,25 x 8,25 inch, `Le Général de Gaulle` letterhead, (Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises, according to postmark), 17.07.1955, in French, to Émile Henriot (1889-1961, French poet, novelist, essayist and literary critic) - concerning his work `Maîtres d’hier et contemporains` (Courrier littéraire : XIXe-XXe siècles, 2 vol.,1955-1956), signed in dark ink "C. de Gaulle", attractively mounted (removable) for display with a photograph, shows Charles de Gaulle in a beautiful chest-up portrait in uniform (altogether 16,5 x 11,75 inch), with very mild signs of wear - in nearly very fine condition. Accompanied by the original envelope.

In parts:
" [...] Tout se dégage, se campe, s’ordonne - on peut dire : naturellement, dans votre pensée et, par conséquent, dans votre style. Si bien qu’en somme ces maîtres si divers, que vous prenez pour sujets, donnent, grâce à vous, l’impression de se rejoindre et de se compléter comme s’ils étaient de la même race. Mais, en fait, c’était bien leur cas ! Ce que vous écrivez de Barrès et de Loti, voilà, laissez-moi vous le dire, ce qui m’a séduit par dessus tout [...]
      C. de Gaulle"

"[...] Everything emerges, stands out, is ordered - one could say: naturally, in your thought and, consequently, in your style. So that, in short, these so diverse masters, whom you take as subjects, give, thanks to you, the impression of coming together and completing each other as if they were of the same race. But, in fact, it was their case! What you write about Barrès and Loti, here, let me tell you, is what seduced me above all [...]
      C. de Gaulle"

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(1890-1970) French general and statesman who led the Free French Forces during World War II. Après la lecture de son ouvrage Maîtres d’hier et contemporains :

Year of Birth: 1890

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